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Bronsun Hybrid Brows 

 Online Training

The latest and BIGGEST Brow treatment for 2021


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What does the Bronsun Hybrid Brows course cover?

Here’s the lesson list

• Hybrid Brows- what is the correct name for Bronsun?

• Health & Safety

• Patch Testing

• Contraindications

• Contra actions

• The Consultation

• What are Hybrid Brows using Bronsun dye?

• The science bit- Ingredients

• The science bit -Colours

• Bronsun Milk Cream Developer

• Bronson Dye Remover

• Bronsun range of Colours

• Bronsun Brown Colours

• Colour Mixing for Blondes & Redheads

• Light Brown mixed and not mixed

• The Colour Wheel

• Preparation of the skin

• Mixing and Dye Remover

• How to apply correctly

• Application 

• How to achieve an Ombre Brow

• How to remove

• Brow Grooming

• Example 1 Dark Brown

• Example 2 Light Brown & Graphite

• Example 3 Light Brown & Chestnut

• Brow Lamination and Bronsun 

• Lightening the skin after the procedure

• Points and tricks 

• Colour Summary

• Colour Mixing Sheet

Don’t get left behind, be the first in your area to offer this must have brow treatment!!!

Our aim is to produce the best! We want you to build yourself a successful career as a Brow Specialist.

This BRONSUN® Hybrid Brow online course is a professionally recognised Associate of Beauty Therapist (ABT) Accredited Online Course. 

On completion you will have the skills and confidence to complete the BRONSUN® Hybrid Brow treatment understanding all the theoretical and practical steps needed.  

Every product you are working with requires specific knowledge and understanding of the product. This in depth course will teach you everything you need to know to achieve the best professional results.

BRONSUN® has been created for professionals and is often called 'Hybrid', as it is the only tint of its kind on the market giving you the same effect as Henna, but with longer lasting results and more vibrant colours.

This course is suitable for qualified brow artists who are wanting to add this treatment to their brow menu.

The latest and biggest brow treatment for 2021.


This ABT Accredited Online Brow Lamination Training will teach you all you need to know from start to finish.  Whether you are new to the service or want update your skills, introducing Brow Lamination to your brow treatments will greatly increase your earning potential. Be one of the first to offer this new treatment. With full Accreditation you're fully insurable and in safe hands.

Price List

All online courses

Online Course 1: Bronsun Hybrid Brows £60

Online Course 2: Brow Lamination £60

Online Course 3: Course Bundle - Bronsun Hybrid Brows & Brow Lamination £100

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